Tulsa VegFest

About Plant-Based Green Country

Dream Big


It all started when…

...a group of passionate, plant-eating Tulsans got together at one of their regular potluck luncheons and started to dream big. They wanted to share their positive experiences and stories of successes with their friends, neighbors & community. Lost weight, diseases held at bay, breast cancer healed, active living. So many stories to tell and so many benefits to experience. The ideas were brewing. 

Then at the end of January 2018, one from this group visited family in Southwest Florida and attended a Veg Fest there. Among over 15,000 attendees, that Tulsan came back with a newly-kindled passion to spread the good news about a plant-based diet. She was determined to impact Green Country through a Veg Fest in her own community, so she rallied her plant-based friends and dreams started forming. 

Around that same time, a small group from that same lunch-bunch went on a vegan cruise, where they heard keynote speakers, ate amazing plant-based foods and talked at length about what they were experiencing. They too wanted to bring that message back to Tulsa, but how? One of the keynote speakers encouraged them, "Host a Veg Fest."

The two experiences converged, a festival and a cruise, human forces aligned and planning began. Over a dozen plant-based Tulsans from that luncheon group were at-the-ready to help bring a Veg Fest event to Green Country.  They formed a planning team and decided this was going to be a free event to the public dedicated to educating and encouraging people to adopt a nutrient-rich, plant-based lifestyle for health, wellness & happiness. How best to do that? Via a non-profit organization, where caring citizens can make a difference for the benefit of people in their community. Thus, Plant-Based Green Country was born, and Tulsa VegFest was created. It's amazing what happens when you dream big and get friends involved!

The date is set! The first annual Tulsa VegFest will be held on May 4, 2019 at Guthrie Green in downtown Tulsa, OK. 


Non-Discrimination Policy for Plant-Based Green Country Organization, a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Entity

Plant-Based Green Country (PBGC) is an equal opportunity nonprofit organization and will not allow discrimination based upon age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other status prohibited by applicable state law.  

PBCG recognizes the benefits of people, with different experiences and perspectives, working together while maintaining the organization’s goals to promote health through a whole food plant-based lifestyle.  PBCG also recognizes the talents of diverse individual representatives who contribute ideas, talents and energy to help the organization reach its goals.
Any representative or nominee/applicant for a role within the PBCG organization may file a written complaint to the organization’s President (or Vice President if more appropriate) within a reasonable period of time following the alleged discriminatory action. The Board of Directors will then conduct an investigation. No member of PBGC will be the subject of any retaliation for filing a complaint of discrimination or harassment or for participating in any investigation into such a complaint.