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What is Tulsa VegFest?

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 Interest for the evidence-backed plant-based lifestyle is sweeping across the nation. From documentaries like Forks Over KnivesPlant Pure Nation and Eating You Alive to Veg festivals and symposiums that are expanding across the country...Tulsans are joining the movement of taking control of their health!  For the first time in Green Country, and the first of its kind in Oklahoma, Tulsa VegFest on May 4, 2019 brought information, vendors & exhibitors who champion whole food plant-based & sustainable living together in one fun place. An estimated 4500-5000 people attended Tulsa VegFest 2019!

Tulsa VegFest features:

  • Speakers from around the country who are experts in their fields

  • A plant-based food court

  • Vendors & exhibitors

At Tulsa VegFest, you can discover the benefits of an evidence-based plant-based lifestyle that has helped so many people live a longer, happier, more fulfilling life!

Meet the Leadership Team

In early 2018, a group of health-conscious plant-based Tulsans who had been gathering for years over lunches, hikes and speaker events got a burning desire to share their passion for plant-strong living with their community. They wanted to educate the public and encourage them by sharing evidence-based information and a message of wellness to their friends, family & neighbors. With a nation-wide movement gaining momentum and a passionate stir in their hearts, several Tulsans from that plant-based interest group formed a non-profit organization, Plant-Based Green Country, and from that, Tulsa VegFest was born!  


Melissa Furman - Co-Founder of Plant-Based Green Country & Tulsa VegFest; freelance graphic designer

Melissa grew up in the kitchen learning from her mom and aunt. In 2015, she discovered the whole food plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle and everything changed for the better. Melissa actively seeks to share her new-found passion of a WFPB lifestyle with her community, wishing everyone could enjoy its benefits which is why she co-founded two WFPB advocate entities: Plant-Based Green Country, a non-profit organization, and Tulsa VegFest, the first of its kind in Oklahoma. When Melissa isn't in the kitchen or working on Tulsa VegFest, she can be found riding her horse, exercising, working on graphic design projects or volunteering at church. 


Krisann Polito-Moller - Co-Founder of Plant-Based Green Country & Tulsa VegFest; Whole food plant-based coach;yoga therapist/teacher; fitness trainer

Krisann has been a lifelong advocate of nutriton and fitness for the past 18 years.  After witnessing the profound change in her Mom's health, she immersed herself in the ongoing evidence based studies that prove the benefits of a WFPB diet. Krisann presents workshops and seminars, individual coaching besides using other modalities including yoga.  It's been her life's mission to share information, strategies, and practices of amazing health and fitness with her clients and beyond. 


Valerie Lopez - Food court, founding member of plant-based green country

One of Valerie’s passions is to discover new healthy recipes through her travels and spending the day in her kitchen experimenting.  After surviving breast cancer back in 2007, she has made her health a top priority.  Valerie also enjoys serving those in need by volunteering at various organizations locally and internationally.


Laura Bullock - vendors/exhibitors

Laura Bullock is a retired special educator who became vegetarian 9 years ago after reading The Face on Your Plate, by Jeffrey Moussaieff  Masson.  In 2018, Laura has evolved to a completely WFPB diet with support of a local group of friends who meet monthly to share WFPB meals, recipes, and the latest research about healthy diet.  

Laura often finds herself in the kitchen experimenting and preparing new and favorite WFPB dishes, especially desserts.   Laura loves her clean, animal friendly diet and sharing with family and friends.

In addition to being outdoors -- gardening, walking her dog Carl, rollerblading, & riding her bike to get around --  Laura likes to exercise other muscle groups as well:  observing nature, reading, painting, and participating in social causes near and dear to her heart.


Bonnie McIlroy - Facilities; founding member of plant-based green country

Bonnie became WFPB in January of 2016. Preparing for her second Achilles surgery, How Not to Die by Michael Gregor crossed her path. Not only did this book profoundly change her entire life, but the support of her 3 longtime travel buddies helped her jump into this life transformation. Bonnie is also an original member of Tulsa’s Happy Herbivores Group for WFPB lovers. She attended the Forks over Knives Workshop Dallas in 2017 and sailed on the Holistic Vegan Holiday at Sea Cruise this past February. She is a full time tutor and has encouraged many students to focus on their diet as well as giving cooking demonstrations to those heading off to college.  


Amy King - Activities; plant-based green country incorporator

Amy King is a founding member of Happy Herbivores and has been plant based for 3 years.  Amy and her husband, Kevin, have 3 children who are also all plant based.  Amy is a graduate of the University of Tulsa and currently resides in Brookside.  She is passionate about healthy living.


Jamie Misner - Volunteers

Jamie has followed a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle for over seven years and is passionate about making delicious food that is also healthy. She has lived in many places during that time including Dallas, Houston, Vermont and most recently Upstate New York. Each city gave new inspiration to her lifestyle and passion for health and relationships. Jamie is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist that specializes in working with children with autism and other learning differences.  She moved to Tulsa in September 2017 with her husband and daughter and is excited to invest in her new hometown and raise awareness of the health benefits of a plant based diet.


Zack Stoycoff - Public Relations

Zack Stoycoff is Vice President of Government Affairs for the Tulsa Regional Chamber, and represents the Tulsa region’s business-driven political priorities at the local, state and federal levels. Specializing in education, health and workforce policy, he manages the Chamber’s award-winning OneVoice legislative advocacy and member engagement process, which captures the voice of the business community and regional leaders in state and federal politics. He worked previously as communications manager for the Chamber and its young professionals organization, Tulsa’s Young Professionals, and as a government reporter for the Tulsa World, Claremore Daily Progress and other Tulsa-area newspapers.

Zack serves on several nonprofits and community advisory groups working on issues such as homelessness, public health, smart urban development and freedom of the press. He has a bachelor’s degree from Rogers State University and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Oklahoma. 


Dawnelle Tucker - Finance

Dawnelle has been a member of our Board of Directors since July 2018. She is a Senior Business Analyst at Enertia Software Company serving the oil and gas accounting software company since September of 2014.  Prior to joining Enertia Software, she served as Controller of Avalon Exploration, Inc for 10 years. Dawnelle formerly served as Manager of Accounting and Network Administration at Pride Energy Company.

She holds an MBA and an accounting degree from the Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business.


Dr. Kelly Flesner- plant-based green country Board of Directors member

Dr. Flesner is a Board Certified Endocrinologist, who attended Texas A&M University and graduated with a BS in Scientific Nutrition,  and then earned a  medical degree with post graduate training in Internal Medicine at University of Texas in Houston.  She specialized in Endocrinology at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.  She is currently working at the VA and has a passion for Integrative Lifestyle Medicine focused on Whole Health.


Dr. Brent Beasley - plant-based green country Board of Directors member

Dr. Beasley is the Medical Director for the Internal Medicine practice and a Professor within the OU-TU School of Community Medicine.  He is board certified in Internal Medicine and has a special interest in Geriatrics.  He completed his medical doctorate and residency in Internal Medicine at OU-Tulsa, as well as an additional fellowship in Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.  He also earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Baker University in 2016.